Our bespoke service is perfect for women who love our sleek, pared back aesthetic and luxurious fabrics, but want a completely unique design. One of our co-founders and designers will work in partnership with you to design and create your dream outfit, and you will have complete control throughout the process. Here is how it works:


STEP 1: Initial consultation

The first appointment is to understand what you’re looking for. You might have quite a specific design in mind already, or you might have a few different ideas that you think are interesting (there’s no pressure to have it all worked out at this stage). During the appointment we will share visuals with each other, sketch any initial thoughts and share fabric ideas. You may also want to try some of the existing pieces in our collection to help get a feel of which cuts and fabrics you feel most comfortable in.

From here we will draft up a design brief based on what was agreed in the meeting for you to approve.


STEP 2: Finalising your design

We will take everything that was shared in the initial consultation and present one or more designs to you. During this meeting or call we will finesse the design until it is exactly right. Once we have agreed on the final design, we are ready to make your toile.


STEP 3: Toile fitting

A toile is effectively a ‘mock-up’ of your outfit. This is generally done in a less expensive fabric and is designed to give you a really good idea of the fit and how the style looks in reality. Your toile fitting will take place at our seamstress’ London atelier and you will meet with our head seamstress for your first fitting.

The toile fitting is an opportunity to interrogate every part of the design and the fit, we recommend bringing the underwear and shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day so you can check the underwear sits correctly under your outfit, and so our seamstress can hem the dress/skirt/trousers to the perfect length.

Any changes to the design or alterations to the fit will be agreed at this fitting.


STEP 4: Shell fitting

This is your final fitting before your outfit is finished. At this appointment you will try the outfit on when it is around 80% finished, you will have the chance to agree any final tweaks before the dress is finished.


STEP 5: Delivery of your bespoke outfit

Your bespoke outfit will be available for you to collect.

And of course, we will be in constant communication with you throughout the process.

Prices for the OWN bespoke service start from £4000. To chat with us about a bespoke commission please email