OWN was founded to offer women fashion-led contemporary bridal wear.


It was created by friends Rosie and Jess who both love simple, effortless fashion and wanted to bring the same aesthetic to bridal wear.


Gone are the days when brides submit to stereotypes. Taking inspiration from luxury fashion and vintage pieces, OWN’s mission is to redefine bridal wear, offering women something minimalist, modern, cool.


Non-traditional, non-conformist and unconventional, OWN offers clean, sleek silhouettes that fall beautifully on the body and move effortlessly so all eyes are on you. Garments have been designed to impress and feel luxurious, comfortable and easy to wear.


Our bridal garments are made in London and are made to measure which means it is made bespoke to you, and you have the freedom to add to or customise the style. Most importantly they are garments we know women will want to wear again and again - long beyond their wedding day (more on that below!)


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By its definition, bridal wear is one of the biggest culprits of ‘fast fashion.’ Wear it once, and throw it away (or leave it in the back of a wardrobe forevermore). The same goes for bridesmaids. We believe that we have a responsibility to change this and our desire for ‘sartorial sustainability’ is one of the things that inspired us when creating OWN.


For us, it’s not just about working with ethical suppliers that value sustainability - although that is very important - it’s about designing garments that women would genuinely want to wear beyond their wedding day.


Easy-to-wear, sleek separates that work perfectly with jeans or a casual white T-shirt, or bridal garments that can be tailored or dyed to wear again as an evening outfit. Designs with versatility. Not only is it sustainable, but it also feels amazingly special to be able to re-wear your wedding dress or buy a gift for your bridesmaids that you know they will truly love and wear again and again.