Non VPL, stick on bras, nipple stickers, strapless plunge bras - when it comes to wedding proof lingerie, it is a bit of a minefield. 

Comfort is paramount - if you don’t normally wear thongs for example, your wedding day is not the time to experiment.  “Weddings can be long days involving lots of moving, eating and drinking,” Rigby & Peller lingerie styling specialist Josie Fellows tells VOGUE. “So, when trying on your lingerie, make sure to move around in it: walk, sit, stand up and stretch. That way you’ll get an idea of how comfortable the piece will be over time.”

If your outfit is slinky and silky, when it comes to lingerie you’ll have to prioritise support and shape over aesthetic. Anything lacey will show through a silk dress, so for a streamlined look you’ll need non-VPL. Not very pretty but hugely practical! 

Save your sexy lingerie moment for the wedding night - or if you’re getting married abroad, treat yourself to a fabulous bikini for your recovery day party. 

Here are our tried and tested tips: 


From countless shoots to our own wedding days, we have tried and tested a million of these things. In our opinion, the House of CB beige flower nipple covers are the best. They come in lots of different colours to match different skin tones too. Make sure to get the flowers vs the hearts. 

Perfect for: going braless but avoiding perky nips in pics





If you’re looking to go braless but still need some kind of lift, you might want to try shape tape, (as popularised by Kim Kardashian). We've both tried this and it is a brilliant instant boob lift. If you're not familiar with how it works, it's worth watching the video demo by Kim K herself.

There are lots of cheap copies on the market so make sure you go for a good brand - the bigger your boobs, the stickier and more durable the tape needs to be, to hold it all in place.  Make sure you have given it a trial run before the day.  Skims (Kardashian's brand) looks like they have sold out but we'd also recommend Perky Pear. Fashion Forms do a silicone stick on cup version too. 

Perfect for: if you want to go braless but still lift your boobs




If you’re wearing a backless dress but still want the security of wearing a bra, there are lots of options. Fashion Forms do a great range of bras and are our go-to.  If you're looking for more of a plunge backless bodysuit, try Ender Legard.

Perfect for: low cut dresses, backless dresses 




Non-vpl is the way forward - Spanx are the original and (we think) still the best.  Our favourite is the Spanx undie-tectable thing in nude (available in lots of stockists) including ASOS and Selfridges. Don't worry - they don't suck you in like Spanx pants, so they are very comfortable to wear and create a really smooth finish.

Perfect for: slinky silky dresses 




OWN's oversized monogrammed shirts (made from 100% British cotton) are based on the classic Oxford Shirt and are the perfect, relaxed option to get ready in. The inspiration for the shirt came from co-founder Jess' 'getting ready' experience for her own wedding. She says, "The morning of the wedding I hadn't planned anything to get ready in and my now husband, Alex, had left a white shirt over a chair. I threw it on for the morning, it was loose and relaxed and felt very 'me' over a traditional dressing gown." Monogram your new initials on the pocket and the date of your wedding in the inside collar to make it feel extra special. 


THE NEXT DAY (destination wedding)

The OWN Studio STYLE 010 // RESORT DRESS £435. Assorted bikinis from Hunza G, Peony Swimwear and Solid and Striped


A white bikini and cool cover up is essential for your recovery day party in the sun. We love Hunza G, Peony Swimwear and Solid and Striped for their cool swimwear. Pair with OWN's STYLE 010 // RESORT DRESS, the perfect floaty and lightweight cover up for your pool party.


THE NEXT DAY - (UK wedding)


Images via brands recommended below


Even though you can get away with more practical options it's still nice to feel special the day after the wedding. We love Boujo Hake (made in London), Le Petit Trou, Les Girls Les Boys, The Under Argument and Love Stories for their stylish yet comfortable luxury underwear. Best of all you can wear it long after the wedding day. 



  • PANTRY UNDERWEAR - lots of brides have recommended their range to us 
  • RIGBY AND PELLER - the original experts in women's underwear, with a royal seal of approval
  • SELFRIDGES - nearly a whole floor full of cool and practical lingerie options



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