We are committed to being 'Sartorially Sustainable.' A large part of that commitment means designing easy-to wear pieces that will last forever and become much loved wardrobe staples, long beyond the wedding day. Read more about that here

It’s also about a short supply chain made up of quality suppliers. We’re really proud to say that we make all our bridal and occasion wear pieces here in London with experienced seamstresses who have been in the industry for decades. 


We’re not into mass-production, so something only gets made once a customer places an order, which means we can minimise wastage and allow more flexibility in our designs and range. This means each piece of fabric is cut individually and by hand, rather than using a machine block to cut several pieces at once. This ensures consistency in fit and quality, especially when you’re working with a bias cut on a satin fabric, as the fabric moves and is tricky to cut.


Our fabric is sourced from Europe, mainly Italy (where our occasion wear fabric is from).


Of course, this isn’t the cheapest way to make a garment; in fact, it is probably the most expensive way to produce clothes. Our seamstresses are best-in-class, and the price we pay them reflects that. For us, whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or event guest, it’s all about the cut and the fabric. And we believe that quality, and paying specialist seamstresses fairly, is a worthwhile expense. And of course, it’s a huge bonus that we’re able to support local community businesses and keep our carbon footprint at a minimum.


A lot goes into making a garment. For example, here's an insight into how an occasion wear piece is made: 


  • Designing the garment  - toiles and endless samples and fittings to get the perfect fit 
  • Pattern making and cutting - satin is hard fabric to work with because there is so much movement in it, so our bridesmaid fabric requires expert hands
  • The make, which takes between four and eight hours per garment depending on complexity 
  • Quality control checks on each and every piece we make
  • Steaming and packing your order