Emily and Rich hosted their glorious wedding in Toronto, where they have lived over the last few years. Emily says, "Throughout the pandemic, we lived in a little apartment in the West End. Then last year, we moved into a rowhouse in the East End and also got a puppy - so our wedding was a bit of a homage to the city we met in, fell in love, and built a home!

"We had our ceremony in a beautiful studio space in our neighbourhood - our dog even made a guest appearance! Then we loaded all our guests (39 including us!) onto a yellow schoolbus and drove to our favourite wine bar in the West End for dinner. There were about 16 different dishes shared throughout the night and lots of natural wine served. The whole group then walked to one of our favourite bars to dance and close out the night!

"We wanted the whole day to feel like 'us'. Every choice we made was a reflection of who we are as a couple - from the breakfast sandwiches we served when people walked in, to the handwritten notes we had at peoples' place settings telling them what they mean to us." 

When it came to styling, Emily says, "I loved the old glamour vibe of my OWN gown but with details that are unconventional. The material felt like butter; the way it rippled while I walked was so gorgeous and it wasn't constricting which was so important to me - eating and drinking nice wine is my favourite activity and I wanted to make sure I could do lots of both on my wedding day!"

"I tried on a ton of dresses before deciding to get two dresses, one that reflected the architectural studio space (which I actually designed with a Spanish designer) and the gorgeous gown from OWN. It may seem strange that I was cool with getting dresses that I put on for the first time the month before my wedding - but I feel I know my taste, I know how certain shapes make me feel, and I was confident with the studio's process of measuring over video call and updates on the construction process - it all felt very fluid and stress free!  One thing I altered was the length - I found that the train didn't feel like me. I wanted to move freely, and with it being a super city wedding, getting the train shortened made my gown feel right for me. 
Even though we only ever met Emily virtually, we loved how she had plenty of close links to the studio - it was meant to be! Emily says, "My maid of honour who was also our officiant (double duty!) lives in London - I have visited her many times in her first apartment which happens to be down the road from The OWN Studio! My partner also got my engagement ring from Rachel Boston, The OWN Studio's neighbour in East London! He is also from the Lake District, and worked in London for many years. So it all felt very meant to be! From the wedding day, to the process of getting it, the dress has a lot of story to tell..."

Photographer: nousnous

Florist: Timberlost

Shoes: Neous

Engagement ring: Rachel Boston

Hair/Makeup: RomyZack

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