W H A T  T O  B R I N G

Your shoes! Please ensure you bring your shoes to your shell fitting so we can cut your outfit to the right length. Any underwear you wish to try with the dress 


W H A T   T O  E X P E C T 

Your outfit will be 80% finished and ready for final tweaks to fit. The fastenings won't be in place (e.g. covered buttons or zips) and the hem will be raw and unfinished (hence why it's so important to bring wedding shoes so we can cut it to the right length!) During the fitting you'll be able to see the dress on your body and identify anything needs tweaking. Please note if you decide you would like to tweak the design extensively during your fitting we will need to agree a bespoke cost for this. 

We will always send you notes from your fitting, please read these through carefully as we will make the changes using this document.

If you decide you would like a second fitting for reassurance purposes, the cost for this is £120. You can of course decide this once you have been for your first fitting. 

Please note we are unable to accomodate “try on” appointments at our studio because if any changes are requested you will need to do a fitting at our seamstresses studio, so if you would like to try your dress again after your shell fitting and before it is finished you will need to book a second fitting.

Important note: if you have ordered a piece that is 'made to order' such as our suits this will have already been finished by the time of your fitting, unless you have told us that you would like it made to measure. We will always be clear with you when you purchase but you can also find more information on the website too if needed (please click on the relevant product page and “size guide”.)


U N D E R W E A R   R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S 

If you’re looking for one to one guidance on underwear solutions we recommend booking an appointment with one of the specialists at The Pantry Underwear as they will be able to advise what best suits your body and chosen dress. In the meantime this blog will give you lots of great insight about underwear solutions.