Non VPL, stick on bras, nipple stickers, strapless plunge bras - when it comes to wedding proof lingerie, it is a bit of a minefield. 

"We don't wear white or ivory as an entire outfit very often, so aren't necessarily aware of the challenges it can present,” Eloise Rigby from The Pantry Underwear explains.

Comfort is paramount - if you don’t normally wear thongs for example, your wedding day is not the time to experiment.  “Weddings can be long days involving lots of moving, eating and drinking,” Rigby & Peller lingerie styling specialist Josie Fellows tells VOGUE. “So, when trying on your lingerie, make sure to move around in it: walk, sit, stand up and stretch. That way you’ll get an idea of how comfortable the piece will be over time.” 

If your outfit is slinky and silky, do like the A-List and wear shapewear. Anything lacey will show through a silk dress, so for a streamlined look you’ll need non-VPL. Not very pretty but hugely practical! Says celeb stylist Tara Swennen, whose celebrity clients include Kristen Stewart and Emily Ratajkowski, “[Shapewear] is their armour on the red carpet. It makes them feel locked and loaded. It makes them feel solid. They’re jiggle-proof and wardrobe-malfunction-proof. It gives them an air of confidence.”  

Here are our tried and tested tips: 



L: Nippies Skin, M + R: Love Nood 


From countless shoots to our own wedding days, we have tried and tested a million of these things. We recommend Nippies Skin (which are washable and reusable) and Love Nood which has an amazing colour range to match different skin tones. 

Perfect for: going braless but avoiding perky nips in pics



N.B. Adhesive tape only works with dresses that have a more robust fabric e.g. brocade, duchesse satin, mikado. They do not work with silk satin as it is too soft and the tape shows through because the fabric is too relaxed. If you would like to wear an adhesive bra we would recommend other labels such as Fashion Forms. 

ADHESIVE TAPE: Tried and tested by The Pantry Underwear, the braless lift solution is suitable for cross-back, halter, plunging and backless garments. Designed with skin safe third-grade medical tape, you will be supported and comfortable all day, without the constraints of a bra.

Eloise at The Pantry says it's a best seller, for good reason: “the bra-less lift solution enables the wearer to confidently style completely backless dresses and tops. Often it'll be worn underneath a backless garment such as a bodysuit to offer further support. It's also commonly worn with wedding dresses that have cups built in, to provide the uplift, support, and security required throughout the day. Contrary to expectation, this is a really comfy product to wear.”

We also like Fashion Forms Voluptuous U-Plunge self-adhesive backless strapless bra (seen below) which, if the neckline and fabric allows you to wear it, offers you the best of both worlds. 

Perfect forif you’re considering backless styles but still want a bit of support



If you’re wearing a backless dress but want the security of an all in one, there are lots of options. The Pantry Underwear's best seller is the Ivette Low Back Body (seen above.)

Above: Fashion Forms U Plunge Stretch Jersey bodysuit

Fashion Forms also do a great selection of bodysuits, as do Ender Legard. A useful piece of advice from The Pantry team, "it is worth bearing in mind that backless styles cannot offer the same support as your everyday t-shirt bra as they are essentially missing half the bra. To counter this, some brides underpin them with the bra-less solution above. The cups, however, offer a smooth and rounded shape under clothes, proving the wearer with a beautiful silhouette.”

Perfect for: low cut dresses, backless dresses 



L: The Pantry Underwear Panache Strapless Bra  
R: Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra 

If your outfit will allow you to wear a strapless bra this is a great option. The Pantry Underwear are big fans of Panache’s perfect plunge-shape strapless bra, as it avoids the shelf like and squished shape many strapless bras have a reputation for giving. Standing from the side, it'll create an uplifted t-shirt bra style shape - a look many brides want to replicate for their wedding days.  Others brides have recommended Wonderbra's strapless option to us. 



L: Skims Soft Smoothing Shorts
R: Spanx Shapewear Thong

Non-vpl is the way forward - Spanx are the original and (we think) still the best but we also like Skims and Heist.  Our favourite is the Spanx undie-tectable thong in nude (available in lots of stockists) including ASOS and Selfridges.

If you're looking for a full on smoothing effect The Pantry team recommend shorts. In fact they say more than 90% of their brides end up with shorts or a short section as part of their foundations: "Not only do they offer smoothing attributes (your bum tissue is generally the softest on your body) and ensure no lines, they're also really comfy to wear and are breathable so as not to make you feel hot. Many of our brides also like the additional support of shaping shorts. Regardless of what you choose, an invisible short is extremely useful for future lingerie needs, too.” 

Perfect for: slinky silky dresses 





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