CONTEMPORARY : happening or beginning now or in recent times contemporary [=modern] jazz/poetry/art/furniture. The story is old, but it has importance to contemporary [=current] audiences.

The ‘new now’ of wedding dressing - sleek, modern, considered, rewearable. 

A collection for the world we’re living in, the new now. 


This was really our starting point for 'The Contemporary Collection'. Each style in the ten piece collection has been inspired by the ‘new now’ of wedding dressing - sleek, modern, considered, rewearable. An ethically and socially-conscious collection designed for modern women everywhere.


We wanted to create a collection that really celebrated the ‘new now’, with a focus on little details that create a big impact - backless styles, sheer straps, delicate covered buttons, plush ostrich feather trims. Silhouettes that are sexy, confident, and sophisticated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic there's no doubt that so many of us want to enjoy a fun party. Weddings used to centre around a one day celebration but since covid they have morphed into series of events. This often means an extended wedding wardrobe; second day dress, Friday night drinks and often a civil outfit too.



We know brides want these pieces to become luxe wardrobe staples long after the wedding so we kept re-wearability in mind at all times - from holidays to black tie events, these are truly special pieces that will be worn year after year without losing their style or substance.


A C C E S S O R I E S 

We opted for a selection of chic and contemporary pieces from our favourites Alighieri, Completed Works and some choice pieces from Laura Lombardi, along with shoes by Neous, Jimmy Choo and Bottega Venetta. These pieces do not need much styling - keep things super luxe and simple and you're more likely to rewear your accessories afterward. Head to our accessories edit to shop the looks



Completed Works Scrunchie Gold plated cuff £350 , Completed Works Gold Vermeil and Pearl Earrings £255 , Alighieri The Warrior Earrings £250, Alighieri The Fragmented Amulet Hoop Earrings £295, Completed Works Gold Vermeil, Pearl and ceramic earrings £255, Alighieri The Olive Earrings £295,  Neous White Fadenia Strappy Mules £250 (pre-loved),



S H O O T  C R E D I T S 

With thanks to

Photography Theresa Marx

Videography Fredi Films

Beauty Quelle Bester 

Accessories Completed Works, Alighieri, Laura Lombardi 



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