We want you and your guests to have the best possible experience at the studio with every moment feeling relaxed and fun. We therefore kindly ask all our guests to follow our house rules. 


Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment and that your party arrive altogether. It is super important that you and your party arrive altogether so as to not disrupt other appointments. If you are early for your appointment we will have to ask you to come back at your appointment time as we will likely be mid-way through other appointments. There is a great place for a quick coffee on Curtain Road (Fix 128) if you find yourself arriving early. If you are late for your appointment we will still need to finish on time so as to not delay the next appointment. 


We totally understand that guests sometimes like (or need) to bring children, however if it is a full day at the studio children can sometimes impact the experiences of other guests in other appointments. With this in mind, if you would like to bring a baby or younger child with you please ask us in advance and we will be able to advise you as to whether this is feasible. Please note that this is done at your own risk as the studio is not a baby-proof area. Any damages or breakages will be chargeable. 


We can accommodate 1-2 guests in your appointment. If you would like to bring additional guests please contact us ahead of your appointment and we will be able to advise. 


Unfortunately, as much as we love them, we cannot accommodate dogs or other animals at the studio.


If you need to cancel your appointment please let us know with as much time as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to refund any cancellations that are made the week of the appointment.


Please remove jewellery before trying pieces as we work with delicate fabrics. 


Please avoid wearing fake tan or heavy skin make-up to your appointment so we can keep our samples looking beautiful for you and other guests.

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