This collection has been so much fun to create. It’s been a joy to experiment with new fabrics and shapes. We wanted it to be an expression of individuality, love, happiness, life and optimism, which is what we were feeling when we came out of the depths of lockdown.  The return of the good times. 


In design this translates into bold new contemporary shapes; from one shoulder pieces with modern cut outs to streamlined asymmetrical backless gowns; defying the usual conventions around cut and construction for wedding wear.  Traditional shapes - such as the bolero - have had a modern update while jumpsuits are back to doing what they do best; fun, playful and sexy.  


Fabrics are minimal yet joyous; with swathes of silk satin and buttery crepe complimented by beautiful silk brocade and clouds of floaty chiffon. 





Inspiration for the lookbook was drawn from Anthony Burril’s illustration ‘Bring Back the Golden Sunshine’, a delicious metaphor for light and positivity. 

When it came to styling, it was an opportunity for an explosion of colour and we worked with the amazing stylist Anna Singleton to create four different sets to help us communicate the ‘sunshine’ theme. 

Everything was shot on location at an incredible field in the middle of Buckinghamshire. 




On the fashion side, our lead reference was a wonderful image of Jane Birkin at the Cannes Film Festival in the 1970s. We loved the feeling of relaxed glamour conveyed in the image; a stunning evening gown paired with a rustic basket bag. It was the feeling we wanted to convey across the shoot, while still keeping it fresh and contemporary thanks to the beautiful pops of colour seen in the accessories.  Here is a snapshot of our styling moodboard:




We wanted the girls to have two completely distinctive looks. We loved Frida's hair slick and completely pared back, while Lottie's was loose and relaxed. Here's a snapshot of our moodboard for Frida:

Make up artist Quelle Bester gives us her insider tips for a sleek bun: 

"One of my favourite hairstyles for a chic bride is the sleek bun. It always looks polished, keeps the focus on your outfit of choice and also helps to give a more lifted appears to the face as it draws immediate attention your eyes, cheekbones and jawline. There are also many ways to make sure it suits each person as you can wear your bun low or high, and with varying part line options.

"If you’re thinking of wearing a sleek bun for your wedding day, my first recommendation is to consider treating your hair with something like Philip Kingsley’s Elastisizer, as this will really help to hydrate and strengthen hair, leaving hair in the perfect condition for styling. If you want to boost shine, you can also ask your regular hairstylist to pop a gloss on your hair in the last week before the big day.

"To begin, blowdry hair smooth with Redken’s Pillowproof Blowdry Express Primer which helps to smooth your hair while cutting down on dry time. If your hair is curlier in texture, or you have quite a lot of it, using a straightening iron after blow drying will flatten the cuticle and help to minimise volume.

"In terms of placement, a mid to low bun with either a center part or none at all will lend to a more minimal aesthetic, whereas a deep side part or higher bun will give a more lifted appearance to eyes and jawline, as well as add a little more drama to the overall look. Once you have decided on the part line and position of your bun, use a Mason and Pearson brush to smooth back your hair and secure with a bungee elastic as this will minimise any last minute bumps while you tie your initial ponytail into place. For finer or less dense haïr types, split your ponytail into two sections, smooth with Shu Uemera’s Multipurpose Milk and twist the two sections around themselves to form your texture before wrapping them around the base of the ponytail and securing with pins. If your hair is particularly dense, plait the hair instead before creating the bun to avoid a bulky finish.

"To finish, spray down any flyaways with a little bit of L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray and go over part lines or sparse hair line areas using Colour Wow’s Root Touch Up Powder so that hair looks fuller and to avoid any scalp lines in your final photographs."




With thanks to our amazing team: 

Photographer - Theresa Marx 

Videographer - Josh Spear

Set stylist - Anna Singleton

Fashion stylist - Naomi Barling

Make up artist - Quelle Bester assisted by Rosemary Williams

Bags - available to rent via HURR Collective 

Models - Frieda Munting, Lottie Hayes of Select 


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