Welcome to 374 Old Street - our brand new concept space! 

Since launch we've had lots of questions about the new studio and so in this week's blog we go behind the scenes and share some of our sourcing secrets; the talented people, cool places and even some of the high street buys we discovered along the way. 

Let's start at the very beginning with ...



We saw quite a few places but as soon as we saw 374 Old Street we knew it was the one for us! It was in quite a state of disrepair but we could see the potential - the natural light floods in as soon as you walk into the space. We also loved the heritage of the building. 





We had a really clear vision of a beautiful, welcoming apartment-style space that felt very different to the traditional bridal experience.

Colour was a really important factor as we wanted it to be full of personality and energy. We loved some of the bold motifs shown in the references below - they give an otherwise very neutral space lots of character and make it feel modern and unique.  

We loved the idea of mixing and matching different fabrics and materials, with more masculine materials such as chrome, concrete and marble sitting alongside softer and more feminine pieces.  

Discovery was also an important element; we wanted to create lots of little moments and experiences throughout the space; for each little nook to have something interesting to look at and discover, from unusual objects to cool books and contemporary artwork.  







F I T T I N G  S P A C E  


The Iris Edit Rectangle Coffee Table with Concrete Balls RRP £800, Soho Home three seater Olivier boucle sofa £2645, Campbell Rey x Nordic Knots £1559,  Lick paint White 04


TABLE  We worked with India at The Iris Edit to source this stunning coffee table. She has an incredible talent for sourcing amazing one-offs and unique pieces of furniture. She is well worth following closely as her pieces get snapped up extremely quickly! 

RUG  Campbell Rey x Nordic Knots. This colourful rug provided the perfect centrepoint for the space 

CHAIR  Marcel Breuer Wassily chair in blush pink sourced via The Saleroom. If you're not familiar with this website and you love antique-ing and flea markets, get to know! It became an obsession for us!

SOFA  Soho Home

PAINT  Lick Paints - White 04. We wanted a soft neutral to balance the colourful furniture and this was the perfect colour, we used it throughout the space and love the calming effect it has.



W E L C O M E   S P A C E  



It took us some time to source for this space ... originally we had considered a sofa by Mario Bellini but eventually settled on an eclectic collection of chairs - we loved the fabric and chrome clash and how the orange tied in with the rug in the fitting room. 

CHAIRS B&B Italia Up Chair, Marcel Breuer Wassily chair in blush pink

LIGHT Soho Home 'Marnie' Light (floor) HAY paper light (ceiling) via Skandium

TABLES - wooden table bought at Lots Road Auction House, Curved table an amazing high street find from Urban Outfitters. 

CANDLE STICKS  sourced via The Table Edit

VASE found on H&M Home ... another amazing high street go-to when looking for cool sculptural objects



F I T T I N G  S P A C E

We wanted this fitting area to feel completely different from the other, so opted for more masculine influences with chrome and marble, punctuated by the shelves which are filled with cool objects, books and beautiful accessories by Alighieri and Completed Works, as well as our pre-loved luxe shoe edit. The orange occasion wear display pulls the orange in the other areas through to this space.

Atelier278 FORTIS Marble Column, from £590 //, Chairs Mies Van Der Rohe . Objects on shelving (various- see below) 



LHS Image; Lower shelf - Anissa Kermiche Love Handles RRP £340, Completed Works sculptural vase £95. Top shelf - pieces sourced by Anna at The Table Edit 
RHS image: various - see below for more details 


 We've been obsessed with Momina's marble pieces since we discovered her on instagram. We loved working with her to create our stunning Calacatta Monet plinths. They make the most incredible side tables. Here they are captured above at our recent press dinner

SHELVES We worked with the amazing Anna at The Table Edit ( and Martha at Table du Temps on concepting and sourcing for our shelves and glassware. A mix of vintage (via Table du TempsArdingly Antiques Market, Lasscos Salvage, The Saleroom) was punctuated by new pieces (Completed Works, Anisa Kermiche, Hood Ceramics).

In addition to the shelves, when it came to glassware we worked closely with Martha (Table du Temps) who finds the most stunning one-off vintage pieces from her trips to French antique and flea markets - she hosts regular vintage fairs so would recommend visiting her there (or shopping online!)

Books sourced from Artwords Bookshop in Broadway Market and Idea Books

CHAIRS Mies Van Der Rohe sourced via The Saleroom

STOOL a mid-century find on eBay 

A R T W O R K 

It's amazing what a huge difference artwork makes to a space. We sourced some stunning pieces from London based figurative artist Joshua Press. His drawings and paintings of individual and group portraits were all created over the past three years in his home studio and somehow evoked the apartment style/homely feel we wanted to create within the space. These beautiful works were a great juxtaposition for contemporary prints by David Shrigley and a mirrored piece found via a very cool contemporary online art gallery The Ode To.




In situ: Joshua Press "Different Bodies" Oil on Canvas and the mirrored sculpture by The Ode To 


F I N I S H I N G   T O U C H E S 

L - Drink Amie Organic Wine, pink glassware via Table Du Temps, Atelier 278 Fortis Column
R - Bespoke linen menu by Ruth Kaye Design

No browsing experience is complete without a glass of something in your hand so we collaborated with the talented team at Drink Amie on our drinks menu, which means studio visitors can now enjoy a glass of delicious Drink Amie rose or white wine while shopping (as well as a special discount for OWN customers who are looking to have Drink Amie at their wedding - ask us for more information when visiting!)

Hand bound linen menus by incredible bespoke stationers Ruth Kaye Design



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