Shopping for a wedding dress can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're opting for a more modern or traditional style dress, there are some really common myths and misconceptions when it comes to finding 'the one'. Here are 11 of the most common ones that we hear:


“I can’t wear a backless dress because I need to wear a bra.” 

Absolutely not! There are so many clever underwear solutions available to try. We always recommend starting with the style that you like and find underwear to suit it (not the other way around.) Annie from The Pantry Underwear says, “"Backless solutions from A-H cup are a thing! From our invisible low back body with shorts which offers control and a rounded cup whilst maintaining a super low back, to the strapless lift solution that lifts your bust to the height as though you are wearing a bra without actually being a bra - creating a rounded shape and preventing movement with no back element whatsoever." Another helpful tip; when it comes to underwear recommendations, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution as everyone has different body shapes and different labels work for different people. In between your first and second appointment we would recommend booking a fitting with a specialist like The Pantry Underwear or Ender Legard who can advise you best based on the dress you like and your body shape - and then you can bring the underwear back to try in your second appointment.





“I’ll need to wear my hair up if I wear a halter neck dress” 

This is something people often feel because of the detail at the neck. While we totally understand the idea behind it, we think hair down and relaxed is just as chic an option, and as you move around, your hair will naturally move to reveal any detail at the neck. 


“I can’t wear sleeves in the summer” 

This totally depends on the fabric and the fit of the dress, so don’t rule out a sleeve just because you are getting married in the height of summer. For example, our beautiful wrap dress ‘STYLE 021’ is made from a beautiful lightweight silk crepe and the fit on the sleeve is loose and relaxed, which is perfect for hotter (and colder months) - in fact we’ve had brides wear it in the Provence heat and say it kept them nice and cool. Another option is going for an organza overtop like STYLE 047 and STYLE 032 which is incredibly light and romantic and you have the benefit of being able to take it off for more than one look across the day. 




“I’ll sweat more in satin”  

Our signature bridal satin is made from silk which is a natural fibre. Natural fibres keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. If you’re still worried about sweat patches, we recommend Biotrade Ororex, a unique antiperspirant spray with prolonged action against sweat - it literally stops you sweating for a period of 10-14 days after one spray. 


"A-line dresses are really traditional but I don't suit a bias cut dress"

A-line shapes are sometimes disregarded by brides looking for more modern styles as they associate them with more traditional gowns. In our opinion it all depends on how they are designed and styled - you can find some beautiful modern, sleek a-line shapes in our collection that tick the right boxes. Waist cinching silhouettes flatter most body shapes. The defined waist contrasts the flare of the skirt and creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette.


STYLE 020 // Amalfi slip, STYLE 045 // silk sleeved top paired with STYLE 011 // a-line skirt, STYLE 031 // crop wrap paired with STYLE 011 // a-line skirt 



“I feel really torn about wearing a veil” 

There are other options! Our silk chiffon cape (STYLE 037) is a really beautiful modern alternative to a veil. 


The OWN Studio 


“I’ll know when I find ‘the one’”

Not always! This is an oft-repeated myth that can really throw people off their tracks. We always recommend people apply the ‘acid test.’ If you're not sure, don’t buy it there and then - go away and sleep on it. What dress is the first one you think about when you wake up in the morning? “The one” will be the dress that you keep coming back to; the one you feel most comfortable and excited about at the same time. Often in an appointment, it will be the one that you don’t want to take off.  That’s how you know. Tears aren’t a necessity and in reality don’t often happen! 


Photographers: Lizzie Churchill, Emily Rose Hamilton, Benjamin Wheeler 


“I’ll bring lots of people to my first appointment so I can get lots of opinions.” 

Totally up to you of course but in our experience, lots of voices in an appointment can be off-putting! We would always recommend coming either alone or with one or two other trusted voices, and then bring back others for a second appointment. At that point you’ll have a shortlist of pieces that you truly love and they can help you choose between those pieces. Pre-brief them before you come that you are asking for their help in choosing between a shortlist of dresses - and you love them all. It helps to set the boundaries and neatly side-steps any unwelcome feedback. 


“My shoes need to be white or nude” 

Coloured wedding shoes have recently grown in popularity but have you considered black? We think it’s a super chic and sharp choice with a white outfit and also really unique. Best of all you’ll wear them long after the wedding day! 



STYLE 002 The OWN Studio 


"I can’t have more than ‘x’ many bridesmaids"

Who says? You only get one chance at it after all - why not have all your best mates? Why worry about upsetting anyone?  Plus, we think big bridal parties often look really fun! 


La Dichosa for Bettina Looney


“I’m short, nothing will suit me” 

You don’t have to be tall to look good in a wedding outfit! There are plenty of beautiful elongating shapes to try. Halter necks especially are incredibly effective at making the body appear longer and and more streamlined. Here are some of our favourite from the collection:



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