WEDDING WINNERS: five ways to make your wedding unique and unforgettable

In a world full of Pinterest mood boards it is easy to get carried away while wedding planning and start sweating the small stuff. Sometimes these ideas can feel a little repetitive - ever been to a wedding and thought "I've seen all this before?" We know planning a contemporary, fun-filled, unique wedding is no mean feat but having been to a million and one weddings between us, we're pretty confident that if you cover these 5 areas you (and your guests) are guaranteed an unforgettable day. Promise!  



Weddings have changed in many ways over the last 20 years but one of the biggest shifts is the move towards minimalism - and we don't just mean in styling. Lots of our brides are opting for more intimate, personal weddings - so-called ‘boutique weddings.’ According to Pinterest, searches for more intimate, budget-friendly wedding ideas have increased by 80% this year, with a growing number of couples opting to elope. Small outdoor wedding ceremonies are also up by 94%. 



Source: Huffington Post


How to keep your wedding on the smaller side? Be ruthless with your guestlist - keep it to the A-Listers. The rule is - if you haven’t seen them in the last six months then they probably shouldn’t be there. The Telegraph has an excellent list of the do's and don’t's for couples looking for smaller weddings here



This isn’t necessarily about spending more - rather, invest some extra planning time into thinking of things that makes your guests feel special. 

This will be different for every wedding but on the whole, people love personalised stuff because it feels, well, personal. If you have a destination wedding, could you leave welcome gifts in people’s rooms with a personalised welcome note to greet your guests on arrival? What about hangover kits for the morning after the night before? Top wedding planner Marcy Blum says: “I love clever and useful ‘welcome to our wedding’ gifts that greet guests in their hotel rooms when they arrive. Snacks, water, and sunscreen are all practical and charming. But a coffee mug with the bride and groom’s photo, or anything that’s not allowed to be carried onto an airplane, is just a waste.” 





Having attended many weddings between us we often think those that start later end up being more fun - perhaps because everyone hasn’t peaked at 2pm! Have a look at your wedding timeline and consider starting later and finishing later. 

Live music is a must. Bands are great but can be expensive - so what about a live sax player and a DJ set instead? Try former Hedkandi resident Dax on Sax for an amazing set. If you’re having a smaller, more intimate wedding, consider a contemporary pianist who can play during the meal - someone who gets the crowd going with music to sing along to is ideal. 


One area we often think people make a mistake with is food. Don't host a long drinks reception - an hour and a half max - otherwise people start to get bored quickly. What about swapping canapés for food stations - an oyster bar is chic and fun. 


oyster bar wedding

Source: Pinterest 


For the main meal, if you’re after a real party vibe, don’t have a long sit down meal - the last thing you’ll feel like doing afterwards is having a rave. Sharing platters on the table can work well, as opposed to traditional table service. It makes the meal more of an event for guests, and is a great 'ice breaker' for tables of people that don’t know each other so well. This obviously works better for more relaxed weddings - it wouldn’t work at a black tie do.

Or, if you LOVE a long meal, think about ways of involving the DJ or the band throughout, so people are getting up to dance between courses. Trust us - by dessert everyone is having the time of their lives. 




Don’t settle for the conventional or feel pressured to wear white or even a dress - there are plenty of stylish alternatives (try our super chic silk crepe bridal jumpsuit for example). If you are keen to wear a dress but want something a little different, have you considered an alternative texture (a sequin?) or colour (champagne?) 

When it comes to the rest of the bridal party, don’t be afraid to embrace an eclectic colour palette. Legendary wedding planner Rosemary Hattenbach says  “Monochromatic bridesmaids’ attire is no longer the requirement. Instead, stick with a complementary palette, and let members of your bridal party wear different patterns, styles, hues, and designers that express their individual points of view.”

We’re obsessed with the rich jewel tones in our bridesmaid ready to wear range - click here to see more.


emerald bridesmaid dress





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