You’ve found your dress - congratulations! So what’s next?


S T E P   1 -  M E A S U R E M E N T S

If you are able to visit the studio, we can take your measurements - typically measurement appointments are around 30 minutes. If you have had a second appointment and we have time we will normally take your measurements to save you the trouble of having to come back!

If you are unable to visit the studio you can take your measurements at home using this helpful video. Please take your measurements carefully as we will make it to the exact specification provided.

During your measurement appointment we will discuss any changes you would like to make to the outfit. Once agreed we will send you your order form. It is super important that you read this through carefully and check you are happy with your requested design changes and measurements as any large fluctuations will require a lot of work and potentially cost to put right. It takes around 5 minutes for you to check you are happy with your measurements and it’s an important purchase so please do take the time to do so.

n.b. Our pieces are mainly made to measure (made to your exact measurements) however there are some pieces such as our suits and evening pieces that are made to order to the nearest dress size. We will always be clear with you when you purchase whether your outfit is made to order or made to measure but you can also find more information on the website too if needed (please click on the relevant product page and “size guide”.) If you would like your ‘made to order’ piece made to your exact measurements, we can absolutely do this but there will be a small additional cost - let us know and we’d be happy to share an estimate.


S T E P  2  -  S H E L L  F I T T I N G

The next stage is a fitting at our seamstresses studio around 6 weeks ahead of the wedding. The outfit will be 80% finished and ready for final tweaks to fit. Our seamstress will have left the hem raw and unfinished so you can bring your wedding shoes and get the length cut correctly.

We work hard to keep our pricing transparent and fair so we charge per fitting rather than offering expensive fitting packages as other brands too, so we can keep prices as low as possible for you. Most customers will only ever need one fitting but you are more than welcome to have more if you would like to!

The cost for your shell fitting is £150, this includes the cost of the fitting and one set of alterations relating to the fit. Please note if you decide you want to tweak the design in this fitting, we will need to agree a bespoke cost for this.

We will always send you notes from your fitting, please read these through carefully as we will make the changes using this document.

If you decide you would like a second fitting for reassurance purposes, the cost for this is £60. You can of course decide this once you have been for your first fitting.


S T E P  3  -  D E L I V E R Y  /  C O L L E C T I O N

Once we have finished everything we will then send your outfit to you, around 2-4 weeks ahead of the wedding. We send via UPS Next Day Delivery fully tracked and insured. If you would prefer to collect your outfit from the studio do let us know. Please be aware your outfit is folded in order to package it up, so it may need a light steam once it arrives with you (instructions on how to care for your dress will be included in the presentation box).

If you are a rush order, we kindly ask that you either collect your outfit directly from the studio or organise a courier for collection, to avoid any delays in the post. We recommend Proovia or Addison Lee.

If you have any questions at all please do ask!

P R I C I N G   T R A N S P A R E N C Y

We are really proud of the fact that we offer a made in London service for a fraction of the price of many others in the industry, here and around the world. Our fabrics are amongst the most expensive you can buy and our seamstress has been in the industry for decades, working at large fashion houses and for luxury private clients. We have always kept our pricing transparent and fair. Pricing is listed on our website and we always separate out fitting costs rather than baking it into the price, in case a fitting is not required. Similarly we offer a modular approach so you can add more fittings as requested, rather than pricing up multiple fittings at once.