Second day or 'recovery day' parties might feel like a new trend (google searches for second day dresses have gone up 300% in the last year) but it appears the tradition actually started in the 19th century - when brides had a full schedule of events pre and post wedding, with a trousseau of dresses too!  
One of the great things about the second day is… you’re married! You’ve done the official bit, the pressure is off, and it’s time to totally relax and just enjoy debriefing with your favourite people. If your friends are anything like ours, some will still be drunk and others nursing a hangover, so it’s a case of just having a laugh and creating a totally informal atmosphere (while looking totally chic of course). 
We both got married abroad (one in Spain, one in France) so know a thing or two about how to organise a good ‘recovery day’ celebration. 
Here are our tips:


Keep your outfit chic but comfortable 

You’ll have partied hard the day before and the last thing you’ll feel like doing is wearing something restrictive or formal.  Here are a few options:


second day wedding outfit


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Bloody Mary's are a must 

It goes without saying that hair of the dog is a must - so serve Bloody Mary’s to get people going again. And don’t underestimate the amount of booze you’ll need for the second day. Sometimes the recovery day parties can end up being more raucous than the wedding itself! 

Keep food simple 
Serve something stodgy and comforting to soak up the previous day’s excesses. Think paella, BBQ, pizza. Nothing too posh or complex! If you're getting married in the UK the guys at Walter & Monty do the most incredible BBQ food and salads.
second day wedding food ideas

Make it fun 
Games, music - have all this organised to keep people entertained throughout the day. If you’re abroad, people always love a sunbathe and cheeky dip in the pool so make sure there are lots of sun cream and towels around for them to help themselves to.  Music is key to get the party going again - here’s a link to a great second day playlist. Or if you’re in the UK, think about other things to distract people from their hangovers - could you hire a screen room at a local cinema and show your favourite rom com … or book an area in the local pub for a pub quiz?
second day wedding party ideas

Don't start too early  
We think the perfect time is around 2pm - gives people time to roll out of bed and start to think about drinking again! 



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