It’s official - December & January is the most popular time of year to get engaged. If this applies to you - huge congrats! Our advice? Make sure you enjoy the engagement celebrations before all the planning begins!

Choosing your wedding dress can be a daunting task - even for those who already know what they like. With so many women starting out on their journeys, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our tips when it comes to finding your dream outfit.

What runway or celebrity looks have caught your eye? 
Wedding dresses no longer have to fit a certain mould or stereotype, it doesn't have to be a choice between a sweetheart neckline or a big tulle skirt. Instead of searching for 'wedding dress ideas' on Pinterest, why not start with searching for celebrities or stylists that you admire for their red carpet looks? Or looking at runway collections from your favourite fashion houses. If you build your moodboard from this base, you will be starting with your style and taste, rather than limiting yourself to what's on offer in the 'traditional' bridal market. 
Where am I getting married? 
It’s an obvious one, but most people start with the venue. Do a walk through in your head. For example, what’s the floor like? Are there lots of cobbles? Or steps to navigate? Will you be outside and what’s the surface like - will there be mud or gravel? Or long grass that might catch on tulle fabric? These questions are definitely on the more practical side but can help guide your thought process especially when it comes to shoes, length of your train and how easy it is to move in your outfit!  

What sort of shape do I have? 
Apple, pear, straight up and down, triangle, spoon, hourglass - the list goes on! We all come in different shapes and sizes (thank god!) so think carefully about your shape and pick a silhouette that works with it, not against it. You know what suits you better than anyone, so start with shapes you know you feel confident in and then build from there. 

Would I wear it again?
This is a big factor in why lots of brides (and bridesmaids) choose OWN for their wedding day. We want to break the ‘wear once and never again’ cycle that befalls most wedding outfits so every piece in our collection has been designed to become a luxe wardrobe staple after the day - they are even delivered along with tips on how to re-style. It’s a big investment so you want to know it’s something that will truly love for years to come.

Take our gorgeous soft crepe blouse for example. It looks fabulous on your wedding day with our sparkly sequin skirt or wide leg trousers - but afterwards turns into a luxe night out option. Here we've paired it with Agolde jeans and shoes by Neous. 


Agolde Jeans £220; THE OWN STUDIO High Neck Blouse £290 ; Neous Gongora Sandals £175; Completed Works Scrunch Earrings £350; Burberry Croc-Effect Leather Clutch £1,050 Laura Lombardi Curb Bracelet £82.74
What sort of theme am I going for?
Keep in mind the theme of your wedding. Is it sleek city venue or will it be more of a rustic affair? Will there be lots of dancing? Or is it more of a sit down dinner vibe? Everyone wants to look chic but it’s also important to feel comfortable as you’re going to be in it all day. 

How hot / cold is it going to be?
Keep the season in mind. If you’re having a destination wedding then quite obviously, cooling, lightweight fabrics are best. Equally, you might want to consider a more substantial fabric or a more covered option (e.g. sleeves) for a winter wedding.

A couple of additional things to think about : 

Fabric and fit
Make sure you obsess over the fabric. How does it drape, would it crease? Move around in it -  what does it look like after you sit in it? Think about the lining - does it feel amazing against your skin? We spent hundreds of hours searching for the best fabrics for our garments because we understand that fabric is everything.   

Have you considered a non-white outfit? Lots of brides don’t necessarily see themselves in traditional white. There are lots of amazing options for people who aren’t into the white vibe. Our champagne satin slip is an amazing option for example if you still want glamour but a little less bridal. 
And finally … 

Choose your entourage wisely  
Family and friends are a great help but they can throw you off kilter sometimes. Know your own mind and stay true to that. Don’t let anyone sway you and narrow the group down to two or three people whose opinions you trust. 



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