We've got to be honest - preparing your skin for your wedding day (aka going for glorious facials for 12-14 months beforehand) has got to be THE best part of wedding prep. So good in fact that we've both kept up monthly facials ever since we instated them in the months leading up to the wedding.  

In our opinion the team at Fern Skin Clinic (based in leafy Belsize Park) are literally the best in the business. They take a very holistic and healing approach to skincare, so facials are calming and relaxing but they don't mess about - they are very results driven. This week we talk to owners Nicki and Lisa to get their tips and tricks on how to achieve that all-natural glow in the months leading up to the wedding, as well as what to do if you get a dreaded breakout on the wedding day.



Start with having consultations with different clinics you have been recommended by other people, or who have good reviews. Choosing the right clinic and also the right esthetician is extremely important. Make sure they provide treatments that are suitable for your needs. Having a good relationship with your esthetician and making sure they are listening to your skin goals is vital – you will be spending a lot of time together! Set out your budget, how often you are going to be able to make it into the clinic and what are your skin goals and aims for the next 12 months. Make sure you ask lots of questions! The esthetician should then be able to give you a rough breakdown of what she can do to reach your skin goals, how often you will need to come in and also a cost.  It's also really important to make sure your esthetician is setting clear and realistic expectations.



This will be the time when you are visiting the clinic quite a lot!

Establishing a customised and regular at-home routine is the first thing that should be done. Selecting the right cleanser that is going to clean your skin, but without over drying it is crucial – this is often where people go wrong. It is also key to be exfoliating frequently, as well as including anti-oxidants, peptides, retinols and specific skin correction serums into your routine – as well as of course an SPF! This will also support all of the in-clinic treatments as well, helping to achieve maximum results.

Core Product Recommendations: Fern Cleansing Balm, Alumier Ever-Active C&E with Peptides, Alumier Retinol Resurfacing Serum, Alumier Physical SPF.


wedding beauty regime expert tips


Any intensive treatments, such as laser (be it hair removal or skin laser) should be started now. If you have any pigmentation you would like removed or reducing, you want to leave plenty of time.  It can often look worse before it gets better and you want to stop doing these treatments at least 2 months before the wedding day.  Hair laser takes a minimum of 6 monthly treatments, so if you need more sessions you will have time to do so. 

Establish regular, monthly facials and peels. It takes time to build up to the stronger more effective peels, your esthetician should be starting with the milder peels and working up to the stronger peels as your skin becomes more tolerant.  Allowing ample time for this is important. 

Treatment Recommendations: Fern Combination Facial and Peel, Alma Harmony XL Pigmentation Removal, Alma Harmony XL Hair Laser Removal. Courses avaliable.


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Any light therapy courses should be started now. They help build up collagen and elastin, iron out fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Keep up with the regular facials and peels and spot treat any leftover stubborn pigmentation or visible capillaries with laser.

Now is also a good time to re-evaluate your home routine and adjust accordingly, and make sure your happy with the progress of your skin.

Alma Harmony Skin Tightening, Clearlift Rejuvenation, Alma Harmony Vascular Treatment. Courses avaliable.



Stop with the more intensive treatments to avoid your skin getting stressed and sensitive. All of the hard work you done for the last 10 months should have more than paid off! Have your last peel at the strongest level you have got to at the 2-months-before the big day mark. From now on it’s about hydrating, moisturising and getting that wedding day glow. 




Have your final in-clinic facial with peel and incorporate a light therapy treatment, as the results really come through after 2 weeks – just in time for the big day!  Stress can cause breakouts to occur so try to avoid touching your face. Don’t pick or squeeze any spots, as it can push the bacteria deeper into the skin delaying the healing process and even leading to more breakouts. Have a spot treatment to hand such as Alumier Acne Balancing Serum to help treat the acne, allow the skin to heal and prevent any new spots forming.



Give yourself a gentle, nourishing and hydrating at-home facial. Focus on cleansing, gentle exfoliation, masks and a massage with lovely oils to stimulate the blood flow, remove tension in the muscles and remove any puffiness. Now is NOT the time to try any new products – it's not worth the risk of a reaction!

Product Recommendation; Fern Repair Oil




Do a final double cleanse, put on your serums and moisturisers/SPF allowing plenty of time between each layer to sink in, all ready for your make-up!

If by any chance you wake up with a spot, don’t panic! Don’t squeeze! Apply your Spot Treatment and your make-up artist will take care of the rest. 




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