2020. We’ve packed a lot in this year. One pandemic, one pregnancy, two house moves, a new studio and a brand new collection. And we’re not done yet either.



We draw inspiration from lots of different places when we start thinking about a new collection and so, at first, designing in lockdown felt like a creative void. But after a while we soon came to enjoy the momentary escapism it provided. From our respective flats in London we could transport ourselves into a world of relaxed glamour and beauty. In amongst everything going on in the outside world, it was an important moment of self-expression. 


That escapism was really the starting point for everything. We kept coming back to that feeling of joy when you put on an incredible dress or a sharp suit - it gives you an inner confidence, a warm glow. It directly affects your mood.


Earring by Alighieri  


Like so many of us who spent lockdown dressing down (jeans were a special occasion), we really missed that feeling. And so this collection is really about us indulging in the joy of dressing up.  This is mood boosting, fashion-forward wedding wear - and not only your wedding day but for years to come, as everything is designed to be worn again and again. 

We started with a 1930s bias cut gown which was modelled on a dress that has been in Rosie’s family for years, and went from there, with sparkling sequins, textured silks and lustrous satin dresses that could have hung in the wardrobes of Jean Harlow or Vivien Leigh.   We love the way women in the 1930s didn’t need an occasion to dress up. Silhouettes were sophisticated and sexy - dressing up was a joy.


vintage wedding dress; chic bridal dress; modern wedding dress; simple wedding dress; satin wedding dressEarrings by Completed Works; Rings by Rachel Boston 


We’ve not just borrowed inspiration from the thirties, we’ve continued to reference one of our favourite decades in fashion; the nineties, with sleek and contemporary silhouettes such as our new separates range. Whatever the era, this collection is all about us indulging in extra special, escapist pieces that elevates wedding wear into a more fun and joyful space.


90s bridal style; chic bride; modern wedding dress; minimal wedding dressNecklace by Alighieri


Shooting this collection was a real ‘pinch-me’ moment as it was the climax of a lot of this year’s work. We’ve worked incredibly hard to get to this point and weathered any number of setbacks (much like any business owner this year!) so seeing it all come together gave us both a real sense of achievement (“I didn’t come this far, to only come this far” was a mantra we lived by in lockdown.) Huge thanks to our incredible team who brought it all together.


We hope you love it as much as we do! 


bridal jumpsuit; wedding jumpsuit; modern bride; green bridesmaid outfit; cool bridesmaidEarrings by G. binsky

Photography // Alicia Waite
Styling // Chloe Grace Press assisted by Andra Buhai
Hair & Make-up // Quelle Bester
Casting // NEXT Models, Body London, Nevs Models, Brother Models
Accessories // G.binksy, Rachel Boston, Completed Works, Alighieri, Arizona Love