From the big whoppers we forgot to organise to the bits that totally made the wedding, these are our top tried and tested tips.... enjoy!


1. Don't box yourself into a category 

Wedding dresses no longer have to fit a certain mould or stereotype, it doesn't have to be a choice between a sweetheart neckline or a big tulle skirt. Our favourite piece of advice is to start your wedding dress search with looking at celebrities or stylists that you admire for their red carpet looks, instead of typing 'wedding dress ideas' on Pinterest. Look at runway collections from your favourite fashion houses. If you build your moodboard from this base, you will be starting with your style and taste, rather than limiting yourself to what's on offer in the 'traditional' bridal market. Read our blog on how to choose the perfect wedding outfit here


2. Be the best version of you, not someone else

It is really tempting to reinvent yourself on your wedding day, but you know how to feel your best, better than anyone else. 

Jess had a last minute panic about her hair and got clip in extensions but wishes she’d done a slick bun and red lipstick instead (more of her usual look.) Rosie says she was told to get her hair done professionally but she knew exactly how she liked it, so she ended up re-doing her hair half way through the night. So the moral of the story is - stay true to yourself and you won't regret it.

 wedding hair ideas


3. Don’t try and keep up with the Jones’ - the Jones’ don’t care

Work to your style, your budget and your priorities, not what you think others expect of you. Too many people stretch their budgets and put themselves under pressure, when all that really matters is having your family close and partying with your friends. So don’t sweat the small stuff - we’re talking favours, welcome packs, personalised treats. No-one minds either way!


4. Prioritise the fun, not the frills 

Without doubt the most important bit of any good party is a brilliant set and lots of booze. We'd make music the top of your priority list when you start planning and think about how you can potentially bring a live element to it. When it comes to booze, always order more than you think you'll need - you’d be so surprised at how much you get through! 


5.  Video matters   

The number one regret we hear from brides is that they didn’t organise a videographer. In many ways, we feel the video gives you more of an insight than the pictures as it captures the magic of the day in a way that pictures sometimes don't. When you're in the planning stages and the costs are mounting it does feel like an unnecessary extravagance but we’d really recommend prioritising it - you won't regret it.


6. F*ck family politics

Family dramas are unavoidable - trust us! The way to get through it is to nominate a spokesperson to deal with any family drama or requirements - separate yourself and pretend you know nothing. 


7. Make a few extras

Make sure you have extra invites, favours and menus so you can keep one too! They are such nice mementos to keep after the wedding and make great decorative pieces of shelves (see Jess’ wedding invite on her picture rail at home below).


8. Don't leave accessories until the last minute

Accessories can totally make an outfit, don't underestimate what a big part they will play in making you feel amazing on the day. Make sure you build in plenty of time to shop around and try different styles. Top tip? Go shopping in a top/dress with the same neckline as your wedding look, that way you will be able to see whether the accessories you are trying work with the cut of your outfit. Check out our jewellery blog post for the accessories brands and trends that we're loving right now.


9. Do it for the gram ... or not 

There's been a bit of a backlash in recent years over the use of mobile phones at weddings... lots of brides say they hate seeing a sea of phones as they walk down the aisle. It is a personal choice but we would say that some of our favourite wedding photos are those the guests took. Another idea is to assign one of your friends as an unofficial wedding polaroid photographer - it gives you another physical momento of the day.



10. The three minute moment

This is a piece of advice someone gave Jess and we think it's the best piece of wedding advice. Half way through the night try and find somewhere quiet to step aside with your other half - somewhere you can still see what's going on but where you won't be disturbed. It's amazing to take 5 minutes in each others company, with no interruptions and look back on everyone enjoying themselves, and reflect on the success of the wedding. It's probably the only moment all day that it is just the two of you. 




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