Fiona & Tom // a magical celebration in Sydney

We first met Fiona at the end of the first lockdown when travel to and from Sydney was banned. With her base in London it was no easy task managing a wedding from thousands of miles away (and with a travel ban in place) but the stars aligned and Fiona finally married Tom at the end of 2021, after moving the date of the wedding several times.

Of the wedding day itself, Fiona says, "It was raining so much 3 weeks ahead of the wedding we thought the day would be a wash out, but the odds were on our side and we got a 38 degree day - it was SO hot!! But it meant that we got to have the outside wedding we dreamed about and dine under the myrtle trees. Magic. Then the most epic thunderstorm rolled in around 10.30pm for our outdoor dance floor and people stayed out to cool down and dance - it was ELECTRIC!!! Best day of my life!" 

Fiona wears STYLE 031 // crop wrap and STYLE 011 // A-line skirt.

Photography by Good Thanks Media